Selected Current Works

The Luggage Store Annex - Residency Documentation 
Perception Projection Delay 
Untitled (Painting on Drawing) 
Parallelagram (Reflection and Shadow) 
Untitled Force & Untitled Force 2 
Video Drawing 
Forward Backward 
Infinite Moiré 
Attempt To Understand the Unknown 1 & 2 
Horizontal Movement (Jesús Rafael Soto) 
The End 
The End (Revisited) 
Endless Variation 
Black Tape on Video 
Untitled (Video Scan) 
Inverse Flow 
Video Rauschenberg 
Infinitesimal Infinity 
Three Part Bonsai Origami Window Theory 
Video Peace 
External Internal 
Inverse Cluster 
Mountain 1 
Mountain 2 
Tension 3c 
Attempted Focus 
Study # 25 (movement & behavior, to draw video) 
Interact with Bomb (after Bruce Conner)