Curriculum Vitae


1985      Born: Oakland, CA
   Lives and works in San Francisco


2008      BFA, California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
01∼02     Young Artists’ Program, San Francisco Art Institute,
             San Francisco, CA


2011      Degausser, The Popular Workshop,
             San Francisco, CA
2010      Quotidian Paroxysm, The Luggage Store Gallery (mezzanine windows),
             San Francisco, CA
2010      Perception Projection Delay, Triple Base Gallery,
             San Francisco, CA
2010      Artist in Residence, Luggage Store Annex,
             San Francisco, CA
2009      Progress Syndrome, Timesinfinty Gallery, Seattle, WA
2008      Selected Studies and Sketches, North/South Gallery, CCA,
             Oakland, CA


2011      _Run Off, MacArthur B Arthur, Oakland, CA
2011      Beautiful Kiosk, As Is Exhibitions, Oakland, CA
2011      Summer of Video Art, Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, CA
2010      The Cheaper Show, Les Gallery,
             Vancouver, BC Canada
2010      Time (Lapse), (with Drone Dungeon Collective)
             Krowswork Gallery,Oakland, CA
2009      Infinitesimal Infinity, (with Drone Dungeon Collective) part of Art in Storefronts,
             Put on by San Francisco Arts Comission & Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009      Black to the Future, (with Drone Dungeon Collective)
             Show Cave Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2008      Future Heat, (with Drone Dungeon Collective)
             Show Cave Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2008      Collapsitalism, Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA
2008      A.I.C.C.U. 3rd Annual Student Art Show, State Capitol Building,
             Sacramento, CA
2008      Inter Party 2008, California College of the Arts,
             San Francisco, CA
2007      Best of Junior Review, Oliver Art Center, CCA, Oakland, CA
2007      All College Honors Exhibition, Oliver Art Center, CCA,
             Oakland, CA
2007      New Works, Bruce Gallery, CCA, San Francisco, CA
2006      Group Show, ABCO, Oakland, CA
2005      Cast of Characters, part of Exhibition – Short Cuts,
             The Luggage Store Gallery,
San Francisco, CA
2005      Experimental Sound and Video Festival, 7hz, San Francisco, CA
2004      Mural painting at the 10th Annual "In The Streets" Festival,
             The Luggage Store Gallery,
San Francisco, CA


2011      Glitch vs Scratch, (with Drone Dungeon Collective) October 16, Artist Television Access
             San Francisco, CA
2011      Sliders, (with Drone Dungeon Collective) Feb. 26, Yautepec
             Mexico City, Mexico
2010      L AZY ID E N TIT Y (with Drone Dungeon Collective) Dec. 11
             Show Cave Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2010      Sliders, (with Drone Dungeon Collective) Oct. 22, Invisible Exports
             New York, NY


2010      SECA Award Nomination
2007      All College Honors, Mikae Hara Scholarship, Honorable Mention
2007      Best of Junior Review


2011      Lowdown Magazine, feature, Fall Art Issue
2011      Artpractical, Degausser, Jessica Brier
2010      Artpractical, Jars Filmed Inside, Christine Wong Yap
2010      East Bay Express, Picks - Time (Lapse), DeWitt Cheng
2010      San Francisco Chronicle, Don't Miss - Time (Lapse), Mary Eisenhart
2010      Art Business, Luggage Store Annex: Artist in Residence, Alan Bamberger
2008      Artnet, Artnet News, B. Davis
2008      Flavorpill, Collapsitalism, Matt Sussman