Hunter Longe’s work facilitates a situation in which new meanings can be derived from pre-existing objects, images, and actions. Therefore, the work is an attempt to reveal a parallel reality in which the same physical world and human constructs exist with different ways of thinking about them. The destruction and re-creation of context points out the subjective in an apparently objective scientific outlook, allowing for a train of thought in which science and art are equal efforts at understanding the unknown. Each work strives to contain formal and/or conceptual tension in order to expose a dialectic between seemingly opposed forces. Mediums are pushed into the realm of other mediums --sculptures are drawn, drawings move like video, and videos look like paintings.

Hunter's work has been exhibited at The Luggage Store Gallery, and Triple Base in San Francisco, Johansson Projects, Oakland, and Show Cave Night Gallery in Los Angeles. He currently lives and works in San Francisco and is and avid member of Drone Dungeon Collective.

↔ opposition/tension, obscurity, erasure, negation, magnetism as tool/medium, art counter, counter art, congruent, destruction of narrative, destruction context & [re]creation of context, life as work or work as life, life as art work, process of art, process of life work, unknown collaboration, collaboration without permission, distortion through dissemination, toucher of things, outlook shift, time.